MV Meccanica Verghera Ltd repairs and restores MV Agusta and Gilera motorbikes

Mark Kay



Mark is the Director of MV Meccanica Verghera Ltd.


He, along with his father, David Kay, is a lifelong motorcycle enthusiast. He began working on MV motorcycles at the age of 7yr and by 19, he had machined his first engine. In 1988, he won the first Classic Bike race on the Billown Circuit on the Isle of Man, riding a sidecar built in his own workshop.


After the MV Agusta factory closed in Italy, the father and son team began to manufacture replacement parts for their own bikes.


Using unmachined engine castings and their own measurements and drawings, they were able to make every component they needed. Their business increased as they repaired, restored and replaced parts for other owners. The company now trades worldwide, making custom bikes and offering services, advice and consultancy on all aspects of motorcycle engineering.


Mark's work is characterised by a meticulous attention to detail which comes from his passion to restore classic bikes to mint factory condition. Typically, a new bike will have individually crafted parts which are identical to the original and assembled to show-stopping perfection. Testimony to the superb standard of the Kays' work is to be found everywhere.


"This ..motorcycle factory is competently run by MV devotees Dave Kay and his son Mark. This pair of superb engineers hand-craft the multitude of components that make up a four-cylinder MV, and then assemble them into beautiful and faithful replicas of the legendary machinery." ..Chris Pearson, Italian Bike






David Kay at home


David Kay in his workshop




David's passion for classic bike racing led to the establishment of his own business in 1983. Originally MVA Engineering, the company underwent several metamorphoses until it achieved its current status as MV Meccanica Verghera Ltd. As soon as he was old enough, Mark joined his father in the business and, when David retired in 2005, Mark became the Director.

David has a famously philosophical take on life. In the many interviews he has given to magazines and newspapers, his personality and wit are always to the fore.



As a tribute to Enzo Ferrari, and in order to demonstrate his engineering skills, David designed and built the world's only Ferrari motorcycle. It caused a considerable stir when it was unveiled at the Classic Bike Show in 1995, and certainly achieved its intended objectives.



Although retired, David continues to exhibit and present new machines on the circuit, and can be found every day alongside Mark in his workshop.



In an article, first published in 1983 in "MV Agusta 750s America - Super Profile", David is interviewed by Jeff Clew on the pleasures of owning MV fours.



Click here for a transcript of their conversation.



Here are some testimonials to the quality of David's engineering skills




Mitchell Kay


Mitch Kay





Mitchell Kay is the 3rd member of the alleged unholy trinity - father, son and the holy ghost. From an early age he took an interest in motorcycles, when, at the age of 17 he purchased, with a little help, a Yamaha R6. After due consideration, riding fast on the road was a far too dangerous occupation, so he obtained a Honda CBR 600 race bike. Entering the supposedly rookie class, he found out to his dismay that he was up against BSB riders out for a jolly.


Doing a deal with an Italian during 2012, he obtained a MV Agusta 675 triple and was converted to the MV clan. He is endeavouring to obtain his national licence to enable him to race in classic events, on the motorcycles made by MV Meccanica Verghera Ltd. However the MV triple is terribly expensive to race, and spares from stockists are unobtainable.




MV Meccanica Verghera Ltd repairs and restores MV Agusta and Gilera motorbikes

Black Eagle Racing Team logo


As life-long owners of birds of prey, including Aquila verreauxii, black eagles, it seemed appropriate to name their team Black Eagle Racing


Since adopting the name and the new logo, the team has gone from strength to strength, winning several podium places at the Isle of Man Classic TT races, and fulfilling David's life-long dream to win with a motorcycle built in their own workshop. Their latest outings are recorded here


MV Meccanica Verghera Ltd repairs and restores MV Agusta and Gilera motorbikes

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MV Meccanica Verghera Ltd repairs and restores MV Agusta and Gilera motorbikes