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Main bikes page
  4 cylinder road motorcycles
  Gilera GP 500 4 cyinder motorcycles
  Gilera GP 500 technical specifications
  3 cylinder MV Agusta GP 500 and 350
  4 cylinder MV Agusta GP 500 and 350

Bikes services and repairs
Bikes parts
  MV 4-cylinder parts
  Images of MV4 road bikes parts
  Images of MV4 GP bikes parts
  Images of MV3 GP bike parts
  Images of Gilera GP bikes parts

Motorcycles for sale
  The Ultimate MV Agusta Track Day Bike
  2015 Classic TT 500 third placed bike
  The most famous Magni ever built - NOW SOLD
  MV Agusta Magni 861c
  A new Gilera 500 GP replica 
  A unique, silver MV model
  MV Agusta 750cc Special now sold
  Yellow MV now sold
  Three of the best
About us
  The Kays' history
  The Kay Three Wheeler
  An interview with David Kay
  Links to friends and associates
The Black Eagle Racing Team Press
  2016 was a very good year
  Dunlop wins 2016 Okells Classic TT
  Harrison battles in the 2016 Bennetts Classic TT
  Island Sensation
  The shape of 100mph
  Where Eagles Dare (pdf)
  Racing Reports
  Keeping the Dream Alive
  Classic Motorcycles Festival 2013
  Goodwood Revival 2013
  New rider for 2014
  "Just like Mike and Ago"..
  Harrison and Johnston to ride in 2015 Classic TT

Classic TT races
  Sidecar racing
  IOM Pre-TT Classic 2012
  Manx 350cc Classic MV win 2014
  A win and third in the 2015 Bennetts Classic TT 500
  A 2016 Senior Classic TT contender
  Up in Smoke
  2017 anniversary tribute to Bob McIntyre


Image galleries
What the papers say
  The world's only Ferrari motorcycle
  Ferrari 900 DOHC
  Sidecar spec
  Sidecar review
  Great Engines in Bits
  The British MV - Dispelling the Myth
  The Manx MV
  Chasing Glory
  Remembering the Gilera
  Memorial Service for Geoff Duke
  Mat Oxley Rides the Classic TT 500 winner
  Built to be Thrashed

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Mitch and Mark Kay


Mark and Mitch Kay


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Racing gallery images



Isle of Man TT 2016 win



Michael Dunlop wins the Okells Classic TT


Michael Dunlop


Michael Dunlop wins the Okells Classic TT in 2016