The Black Eagle Racing Team has been involved in the racing world for years




Over the years, the Kay family has been restoring and building beautiful classic Italian racing bikes and, to demonstrate the quality of the engineering, have raced them at most of the country's famous circuits. This is a record of their successes, culminating in Bob McIntyre's tribute lap, when the first 100mph circuit of the IOM mountain course was matched on a Kay replica Gilera.



July 2008 500/3 First Win Chimay Rider Phil Sharpe

2nd Win Chimay Rider Alan Oversby


August 2009 500/3 No results IOM Rider Alan Oversby


May 2010 500/3 Second Win Hiro 2 Rider Brian Richardson

June 2010 500/3 Third Win Pre TT Senior by 29 secs Rider Alan Oversby


June 2011 500/3 Fourth Win Pre TT Senior


Fifth Win 850 class Race Record both by Alan Oversby


August 2013 350/3 3rd place Manx GP Alan Oversby

September 2013 500/3 Goodwood lap Record 97.89mph


August 2014 350/3 Sixth Win Lap record 105.2mph 3 lap race Ride Lee Johnston


August 2015 500/3 Seventh Win Manx GP Rider Dean Harrison Fastest Lap 110.463mph


3rd place Lee Johnston 108.8mph Fastest Lap


Kay MV wins the 2015 Classic TT 500


August 2016 350/3 Eighth Win Manx GP Rider Michael Dunlop Fastest Lap 104.475mph

500/3 2nd to Paton in 500 race Rider Dean Harrison 112.482mph Fastest start from standing lap


August 2017 350/3 2nd to Rutter Rider Lee Johnston

350/4 6th place 1st finish Rider Dean Harrison


Gilera 100.5mph lap on 60th Anniversary of Bob Mac's 1st 100mph lap
Rider Michael Dunlop with Full Dustbin Fairing



Michael Dunlop on the Kay replica Gilera



Summary 2013 to 2017 Manx GPs

3 Wins: 2 - 350/3, 1 - 500/3

2 Seconds:
1 - 350/3, 1 - 500/3


Second to Third for 500/3

All bikes 7 Podiums in 5 years;    

350/3 4 Podiums in 4 years



Record Fastest Laps:

Goodwood 97.89mph with 500cc MV 2013

98.36 mph 2017 Michael Dunlop

Pre TT 850cc Class with 500cc MV 2011

Manx 350 - 105.2mph Race Record 2014

Manx 500 - 112.482mph from standing start 2016


Team members


MARK KAY - manager, machinist and engine mechanic
DAVE KAY - bike builder
MITCH KAY - development rider
JASON McCARTHY - fibreglass fabricator
TIM DWERRYHOUSE - race bike organiser
BIG MARK - just a great bloke






MITCH KAY - Shire Oak, West Midlands

the team in 2008


Mitch, Dave and Mark Kay


The Black Eagle Racing team ot Goodwood 2015


The Black Eagle Racing Team at Goodwood 2015



Black eagle Aquila verreauxii


The Black Eagle Racing Team logo





Thanks to our sponsors:


Opie Oils
Alpha Bearings Ltd
Maxton Engineering
Omega Pistons Ltd
Racepaint UK Nottm Ltd

Gary Meehan, GM Brickwork


..and a generous donation from the Isle of Man Tourist Board which made our TT win in 2014 possible.


We were also grateful for help we have received from Graham Eatchells, Dave Bedlington, Willi Marewski, and Paul French, as well as all the encouragement over many years from Peter Tipper, Malcolm Clube, Rodney Timson, Richard Marchant and Ron Graham




The Kay family's black eagle with the two MV Agusta 500 machines which finished first and third at the Classic TT 500

The Kay family's own black eagle flying over the two successful MV Agusta 500 machines at the Classic TT in 2015

Black Eagle Racing Team Classic TT Career



In 2016, Michael Dunlop winning the Okells Classic TT for the Black Eagle Racing Team Read more..

The Kay family's black eagle with the two MV Agusta 500 machines which finished first and third at the Classic TT 500

MV Meccanica Verghera Ltd repairs and restores MV Agusta and Gilera motorbikes


A testimonial:

"Well, another one over. Of the three MVs there, mine was the only one without any problems, all due to Kay preparation. Next event is Donington, followed by Brackley Festival of Motorcycling. Thanks for the great engine building... See you around."

- Dave Bedlington


The Black Eagle Racing Team has aimed for excellence throughout their career