Dean Harrison and Lee Johnston to ride in Classic TT on MVs


Michael Dunlop is honoured to ride the Bob McIntyre Gilera tribute lap on the 60th anniversary


Fans were treated to the recreation of one of the greatest moments in TT history at the 2017 Classic TT presented by Bennetts with Michael Dunlop’s tribute lap for the sixtieth anniversary of Bob McIntyre’s first 100mph lap of the Mountain Course.


Scotsman McIntyre made history on the Gilera on his way to victory in the Senior TT Race in 1957 and Michael Dunlop, complete with replica kit and on board an identical dustbin faired Gilera meticulously recreated by Kay Engineering, even down to lapping at over 100mph on the hugely popular parade lap.



Michael Dunlop on tribute lap

Michael Dunlop on the Bob McIntrye 100mph tribute lap



Dunlop attempts 100mph record




Afterwards a clearly emotional Michael said:


“It’s one of the best experiences I’ve ever had.  It was so strange to ride. I don’t know if it was me or the fairings – it felt like the tyres were flat.  It would have been great to run the bike in the Senior race.  It was a real honour to ride the bike and I’d like to thank Mark (Kay) and Paul (Phillips) for making it possible.”


He continued:


“We had a great reaction around the course. Everyone loved hearing the bike.  What I did doesn’t compare to riding eight laps. It’s much easier now.  I spent the whole lap trying to find sixth gear – I didn’t realise there were only five.”




Dean Harrison and Lee Johnston are all set to ride in Classic TT on MVs

Dean Harrison and Lee Johnston to ride in Classic TT on MV replicas