The Black Eagle Racing Team rode MV Agusta triples at the Goodwood Revival in 2013


Goodwood Revival 2013

A report by Dave Kay..


Goodwood Revival - the classic event of the year!

Three of the MV Meccanica Verghera's manufactured triples competed:


The No 10 500cc MV, owned by John Chapman and ridden by Mick Grant and Gary Johnson.

The No1 Black Eagle Racing Team's 500cc MV ridden by Alan Oversby and Phil Sharpe.

The No3 420cc MV owned by Dave Kay ridden by Brian Richards and Gordon Russell

All bikes were in adjacent pits so there was lots of friendly rivalry and banter. I think the Black Eagle Racing Team looked resplendent in their embroided blue overalls.


Practice and qualifying was on Friday 13th September

No10 mv pole position at 1.30.219
No1 4th on grid 1.33.389
No3 15th on grid with a time of 139.300 which was better than expected seeing that it has 25bhp less than the 500s.




The Black Eagle Racing Mechanics at work

The Black Eagle Racing Team at work



Alan Oversby in race 1


Alan Oversby in Race 1



Saturday 14th September 12.30pm was Bike Race 1

It was won by no10 Grant/Johnson with a best lap of 129.111

The Black Eagles' no1 crashed out while leading on lap 5 and no3 finished 12th with a best lap of 138.539.

However, the fastest time was recorded on lap 4 by no1 Alan Oversby at 1.28.497 - 97.63mph


Sunday 15th September was Bike Race 2

No1 bike, after its inspection for wildlife in the gravel trap had only suffered minor damage which was repaired with duct tape and presented to chief scrutiner for inspection. All OK

None of the MVs won the race but the no10 Grant/Johnson came second with a best time of 128.432 and no1 Oversby/Sharpe 3rd with best time of 128.195.


Bike no3 Richards/Russell finished 16th.

The lap record was again achieved by Alan Oversby at 128.195 - 97.96mph



The combined classification of the two races gave no10 Grant/Johnson the win.


Bike no3 Richards/Russell finished 12th which they were well pleased.


Bike no1 after the disaster in the gravel trap archived fastest lap in both races and the lap record of 128.195


So to summarise, the 3 bikes built by MV Meccanica Verghera Ltd over the 2 races were 1st 2nd and a 3rd with bikes no10 and no1, two fastest laps with bike no1 and a lap record of 128.195.


All 3 bikes had a successful weekend with no mechanical failures.





The number 10



Brian Richards in race 1

Brian Richards in Race 1




Finally a sincere congratulations to John Chapman, Mick Grant and Gary Johnson for finally winning Goodwood on an MV - The first time Nortons have been beaten!


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