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The Kay Ferrari




At the Classic Bike Show in 1995, David Kay exhibited the world's first Ferrari motorcycle. This realisation of his dream took four years and over 3000 man-hours of painstaking labour. This Ferrari is the only one ever to have been built.


David's exotic special was made as a tribute to Enzo Ferrari, having obtained the family's permission to use the famous prancing horse on the tank.


Described as a unique engineering masterpiece, the 900cc 4cylinder 8 valve unit puts out a dyno tested 100 bhp. The chassis was modern for its time with upside down forks, six piston front brake calipers and digital instruments.


The handbeaten aluminium bodywork was designed to echo the styling of Ferrari's Testarossa sports car, with inspiration coming from the Le Mans 24 hour car race.


Magnesium engine castings and carbon fibre mudguards help to keep its weight down to just 380lb and most of the internal components, including the pressed crankshaft and 5-speed gearbox, are unique.


The long, lean low model, which proved to be a show-stopper, was bulit partly to demonstrate the Kay engineering expertise.


It was sold to a private collector in order to raise the finances to develop the Kay family business.


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