The Black Eagle Racing Team rode MV Agusta motorcycles at Donington


Donington's First Classic Motorcycles Festival   9-11 August 2013


The Black Eagle Racing Team..

..arrived at the circuit early on Friday. The weather was good, warm with a dry racetrack. We had taken three Grand Prix bikes, two of which had rebuilt engines.

The 420CC MV was on loan as a spare bike in case of disaster
All the bikes were to be given gentle initial laps to bed-down new parts gently increasing engine revolutions to their maximum over the course of the weekend.
In the 1st session Mark rode the Gilera, Brian the 420MV and Mitch the 500 MV.
All did 6 laps without mishap.

During the 2nd session they did a further 6 laps each.


Gilera at Donington Park


Mark on the Gilera


Donington Classic Motorcycle Festival


Alan Oversby on the MV 500


1st session Alan 500MV - 7 laps

Brian 420 MV - 7 laps

Grand Parade Alan 500MV - 8 laps

Brian 420MV - 8 laps

2nd session Brian 500 Gilera - 6 laps

Alan 500 MV - 6 laps

Gordon 420MV - 6 laps

Oils were changed at the end of the day and bikes checked - all three seemed ok.




1st session:

Gordon 420MV, Brian 500 MV

Both rode six laps, now taking engine up to 10,000 RPM

In the Grand Parade, Alan rode the 420 MV and Brian the 500 MV. Both did 4 laps.

2nd session. Brian and Gordon really got their heads down and started to put the bikes into race mode. Brian on the 500 MV, Gordon on the 420MV. Both did 6 laps, over and undertaking, giving a fine display.

The 420 and 500 GP bikes both did a total of 49 laps around 100 miles each. The 500 Gilera did 24 laps, each completing a total  of around 50 miles. There were no mishaps, just one minor oil leak.  This was good preparation for a spectacular weekend at Goodwood.



Brian Richards in race 1


Brian Richards on the 420MV


The Black Eagle Racing Team rode MV Agusta motorcycles at Donington